Upton Pyne Equestrian Centre


In order that we can enjoy our own horses as a hobby like yourselves we now just provide holiday, re-schooling and DIY facilities. We run a monthly training session which all our liveries are welcome to join in for only a tenner. Check out our Commendations page to read what clients have to say.



For this you will be supplied with a stable with rubber mats and automatic drinker, a paddock, and access to hay and haylage. If you require any extras such as your horse turning out/ bringing in or mucking out, we have a board for you to write on.

Holiday livery

We also offer short-term breaks, so if you’re off on holiday and wondering what you’re going to do with your horse then why not send them to UPEC, either on part livery or full.

Schooling livery

Do you feel like you need a bit of help getting to that next level, or your horse needs a bit more experience? At UPEC we take horses in for re-schooling, your horse will be exercised six days a week with a programme that suits you. You can come and watch him or her being worked. At the end of their stay we offer a free lesson, so that you go away understanding what we have done. Read our Commendations and Case Studies pages for an insight into this process.